Should I be Treated by a Doctor if I’m Trying to Get Social Security Benefits?

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If you are currently trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits due to a condition or injury, you wonder if seeking medical treatment could impact the success of your claim. Seeking medical treatment is actually crucial since your doctor can help support the veracity of your claim. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration might doubt the severity of your condition. It is not enough to simply visit a doctor, however. You must also heed all of his or her advice. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration might suspect that you are being dishonest about your symptoms.

That said, there are a handful of circumstances in which you can still secure the benefits you need, even if you fail to follow your doctor’s instructions or seek treatment. This includes:

  • You were unable to afford treatment and your insurance does not provide enough coverage.
  • The medication you were prescribed yields symptoms that cause more discomfort than the condition you are suffering from.
  • Your doctor informed you that there are no effective treatments for your condition.
  • You are able to function without treatment.
  • The treatment your doctor recommended goes against your religious beliefs and values.
  • The treatment your doctor prescribed involves opioids and you are concerned about developing an addiction.
  • You cannot understand the consequences of failing to receive the recommended treatment.
  • You suffer from a mental illness that prevented you from complying with your doctor’s orders.

If you were already denied Social Security disability benefits, the agency must look into your situation to discover whether or not your reasons for failing to seek treatment or for not following your doctor’s recommendations were reasonable. You might even want to reach out to the agency yourself to explain why you have not taken certain actions to treat your condition.

If you did not follow your doctor’s instructions for any number of the aforementioned reasons, but still sought alternative remedies for your condition, make sure you include it in the information you provide regarding your treatment when you reach out to the agency. Alternative remedies might include acupuncture, massage therapy, or even over-the-counter medication. The more information you provide regarding the treatment you sought for your symptoms the better.

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