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Representing North Florida Workers with Denied Claims

Sustaining a work injury or work-related illness is often an upsetting, worrisome, and even traumatic experience. Besides the physical discomfort and emotional stress you may suffer, these incidents can cause other concerns, too. How will you pay for ensuing medical bills, especially in the face of potential lost wages? Will all of your bills be covered by your employer? How deeply will your personal life and the lives of your family be affected? How long will it take you to recover?

Workers’ compensation laws were enacted to provide the assistance needed for workers at such a difficult time. Employers and their workers’ comp insurance carriers are obligated by law to provide a variety of benefits to those workers who qualify. At Anderson & Hart, P.A., we have concentrated on fighting for Floridians across the state with a track record that includes millions of dollars in paid claims. If your claim has been denied, you need the services of a hard-hitting and relentless legal advocate who knows how to battle for the rights you deserve.

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Denied Claims

Workers’ compensation claims may be denied for many reasons. An exact claims process has been set up which you must adhere to in order to qualify for benefits.

You must:

  • Report your injury or occupational illness within 30 days
  • Get medical care from a hospital or provider approved by your employer or employer’s insurance company
  • Have been injured or made ill while doing only job-related activities
  • Have not been injured due to using drugs or alcohol

Additionally, if you were injured because you failed to follow prescribed safety regulations, your benefits may be reduced.

A Tallahassee Denied Workers’ Comp Claims Attorney Can Help

At Anderson & Hart, P.A., we have 45 years of combined experience protecting injured workers. One of our founding attorneys is a board-certified workers’ compensation lawyer with more than 20 years of experience handling these claims. We have a reputation with insurance companies as an aggressive prosecutor of workers’ comp claims.

Our team knows how to settle disputes between workers and employers or insurance carriers. Should that fail, we are proficient in the appeals process which leads to a hearing before a judge. Throughout our representation, you can count on our Tallahassee workers' compensation attorneys to pursue a positive resolution to your denied claim.

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